About the Animal Defense League of Arizona

The Animal Defense League of Arizona is a statewide animal protection organization that has worked for thirty years on behalf of companion animals, wildlife, animals in laboratories, animals in entertainment, and farm animals.


  • ADLA is a statewide leader in Spaying and Neutering Companion Animals and Feral Cats. It TNR's 10,000 cats per year in Maricopa County and makes statewide referrals to low cost and no cost Spay Neuter services.
  • ADLA was one of the groups that defeated Proposition 109, a constitutional ‘right to hunt’ ballot referendum that would have given sole authority over wildlife policy to the state legislature, and could have gutted initiative rights on wildlife issues, nullifying the ban on traps and poisons on public lands.
  • ADLA was a member of a coalition that defeated a ballot measure that would have severely limited the citizen initiative process. Voters defeated this deceptive measure by a landslide margin of 66% - 34%.  
  • ADLA was a leader in passage of Proposition 204, The Humane Treatment for Farm Animals Act, which bans gestation and veal crates in Arizona.  Prop 204 prohibits the cruel and inhumane practice of confining calves and pigs in crates so small they cannot even turn around and extend their limbs.  In the 2006 landslide election, Arizona voters passed Prop 204 by a 62% to 38% margin.
  • ADLA monitors and has challenged abuses in the greyhound racing industry at tracks and labs. In 2002, ADLA members led the animal protection community's opposition to Proposition 201, successfully defeating the racetrack-back initiative that would have resulted in an increase in the cruel sport of greyhound racing in Arizona.
  • ADLA helped relocate an entire prairie dog colony when urban development threatened to destroy its habitat. A total of 179 animals were spared death by poison.
  • ADLA supported statewide efforts which resulted in a law banning the cruel bloodsport of cockfighting in Arizona.
  • ADLA scrutinizes laboratories, zoos, circuses and other facilities regulated by the Animal Welfare Act to help insure compliance with the law.
  • ADLA monitors the Arizona Game and Fish Department and challenges unsound wildlife management practices.
  • ADLA investigated the illegal sale of dogs to a laboratory which resulted in administrative prosecution of the dealer by the USDA.