Help Stop Pro-Puppy Mill Bill in AZ State Legislature!

We need your help right now!
HB 2113, a pro-puppy-mill bill, is being heard on Monday at 9 a.m. in the Senate’s Natural Resource committee in the Arizona State Legislature. Yes. A bill SUPPORTING puppy mills.
If it passes, it will undo the ordinances passed in Tempe and Phoenix to ban the sale of puppies from puppy mills — and it will prevent other Arizona cities from passing similar ordinances. This "striker" bill is being rushed through the Legislature without proper study and is framed in a deceptive way to imply that pet stores will be "responsibly regulated." Make no mistake, the bill will allow the puppy-mill pipeline to thrive in Arizona.
We need you to reach out NOW to the senators on that committee. Make a call. Send an email. Contact them on Facebook or Twitter. Politely ask them to vote ‘no’ on HB 2113, which benefits puppy mills at the expense of consumers. If your senator is on this committee, be sure to mention that you are a resident in his/her district.
Senator David Farnsworth: (602) 926-3020;
Senator Robert Meza: (602) 926-3425;
Senator Catherine Miranda: (602) 926-4893;
Senator Barbara McGuire: (602) 926-5836;
Senator Steve Pierce, Chair: (602) 926-5584;
Senator Don Shooter, Vice Chairman: (602) 926-4139;
You can also sign a petition to legislators to oppose HB 2113. Please take action and share with your Arizona contacts. Thank you!