AZ Residents: Call Now on Bill to Overturn Citizen Initiatives!

A dangerous bill that would overturn citizen initiatives is moving through the Arizona Legislature and we need your help to defeat it! 
There was a time in Arizona when leghold traps, poisons, and snares could lawfully be placed on our public lands. When entire families attended brutal cockfighting events held in large arenas. And when it was legal to confine pregnant pigs and calves raised for veal in factory farms. Thanks to our citizen initiative process, Arizona voters banned every one of these cruel practices.
But now, legislators are attempting to turn the clock back by repealing hard-fought animal protection laws. HCR 2023 (Thorpe) would allow the Arizona Legislature to repeal citizen initiatives with a 60% vote. If this bill is referred to the ballot and passed, legislators could overturn animal protection initiatives already passed by voters, including bans on leghold traps, cockfighting, and the cruel confinement of farm animals.
What You Can Do 
This damaging bill has passed the Arizona House and is now in the Senate. Please call your senator and politely ask him/her to vote 'no' on HCR 2023 (Prop 105, legislative authority). Be sure to mention that you are a resident in his/her district. You can contact your senator here.
Bill Information
HCR 2023 Proposition 105; legislative authority (Rep Thorpe), upon voter approval, modifies the Legislature’s power to  repeal, amend, supersede and transfer monies designated by initiative or referendum measures (Proposition 105). Allows the Legislature to repeal or amend an initiative or referendum by a 60% roll call vote. HCR 2023 requires the Secretary of State to submit this proposition to the voters at the next general election.
Background on Citizen Initiatives and Prop 105
Proposition 105, the Voter Protection Act, was passed in 1998 to prevent the Legislature from undermining citizen initiatives. It is an important safeguard to protect measures passed by voters.  
Arizona’s citizen initiative process is a constitutional right which was enacted at statehood in 1912. It is the single most important tool for protecting Arizona’s animals, and provides one of our only checks on legislative power. Thanks to grassroots citizens’ ballot measures, leghold traps, snares, and poisons were banned on public lands in 1994, and cockfighting was outlawed in 1998. In 2006, voters overwhelmingly approved the Humane Treatment of Farm Animals Act, an initiative that banned the cruel confinement of pregnant pigs and calves raised for veal. All of these measures failed in the Legislature, yet were passed by Arizona voters, most by large margins. 
We cannot allow the Legislature to overturn hard-won animal protection laws passed by Arizona voters. Please Act Now!