ADLA monitors the Arizona Legislature and tracks bills that affect animals. Volunteer lobbyists help to prevent bad measures from passing and work to pass beneficial bills.  ADLA provides updates on current legislation and informs advocates of important times to contact their legislators.  Please join the ADLA Legislative Group to remain informed on legislation affecting animals and voting rights. 

Help Stop Bill Targeting Farm Animals!

It's Back....The bill to weaken cruelty protection for farm animals is back in the Arizona Legislature and we need your help to stop it! The bill is an amended version of the measure that failed last session. 

New AZ Law Requires Injury Reporting at Tucson Dog Track!

Governor Brewer signed the law requiring full public reporting of greyhound injuries Jett (photo: Karyn Zoldan)and deaths at Tucson Greyhound Park! Thanks to Representatives Ethan Orr & John Kavanagh, GREY2K USA, The Humane Society of the United States - Arizona, Animal Defense League of Arizona, Humane Voters of AZ, Susan Via, Jamie Massey, Joe Romack, Nancy Young Wright, Caryn Wood, Karyn Zoldan, Sylvia Arena, and all the advocates who contacted legislators!

Damaging Animal Cruelty Bill is Dead!

We are ecstatic to report that the Arizona legislative session adjourned early today without passing the bill that would have severely damaged our animal cruelty law! Arnold (photo: Nancy Nenad)#1267/HB2587, was proposed by the agriculture industry, and as introduced would have prevented law enforcement from investigating animal cruelty and criminalized those who expose animal abuse.

Update: Stop Bills Aimed at Endangered Wolves!

The Arizona State Senate passed the three bills aimed at endangered Mexican gray wolves, and the House is expected to vote on them this week!
These bills are not only bad policy; they contradict peer-reviewed science on the benefit of wolves as an important part of healthy ecosystems.

Update on Animal Cruelty Bill

The Livestock Cruelty Bill HB 2587 passed out of the House committee, despite more than 100 people attending to oppose it! It is scheduled to be heard on the House floor tomorrow. In the meantime, a similar bill was introduced in the Senate and rushed through the committee process. SB 1267 is also headed for a vote by the full Senate. 

Help Stop Bills Targeting Wolves!

At last count, only 83 Mexican gray wolves persisted in the wild. The wild population is at tremendous risk due to its small size and genetics. But there are three bills in the Arizona Legislature that could push this tiny, critically endangered population of wolves even closer to extinction. Two of these measures will be voted on by the entire Senate on Monday. Read more

Urgent: Stop Arizona Ag-Gag Bill!

Arizona Legislators have just introduced a devastating 'ag-gag' bill that would criminalize whistleblowers who expose animal abuse on factory farms, auctions, or slaughter facilities. The bill also weakens cruelty laws for livestock, including Photo: Animal Welfare Institutehorses, and completely removes all protections from cruelty for poultry.

Deadly Dust Storms and Factory Farms

We are grateful that Arizona State Senator Steve Farley is safe after his close call in an I-10 pile-up that killed 3 people and injured 12. This was the latest of numerous deadly chain collisions caused by dust storms in Pinal County.

Help Overturn Bill Aimed at Citizen Initiatives!

Please Take Action! Arizona’s animals need your help to overturn HB 2305, a dangerous bill targeting citizens’ initiatives and voting rights! 
ADLA is a member of the Protect Your Right to Vote committee, which has filed a referendum to block HB 2305. We must collect 86,405 signatures by Sept. 12 in order to block it and place it on the 2014 ballot.

US House Passes Farm Bill that Threatens Animal Protection Laws

On July 11th the US House of Representatives passed the Farm Bill following a re-vote.  The bill contains a dangerous amendment from Rep. Steve King (R-IA) that could overturn Arizona's ban on gestation and veal crates, as well as animal protection laws nationwide.
Prop 204 Pig
Thanks to everyone who contacted their US Representatives. Seven out of nine Arizona Congressional members opposed the bill.