Due to fluctuating rates and continuous specials, we, Spay Neuter Hotline, are unable to provide you with up-to-date prices, on all locations.   Please use these tips when searching for information on vaccinations for your dog & cats.

Ongoing Special!

$5 Rabies Vaccinations:

North Central Animal Hospital
20 W Dunlap Ave (NW Corner of Central & Dunlap)
Phoenix, AZ  85021
(602) 395-9773

*Please call for an appointment & mention that you saw the info on ADLA's Spay Neuter Hotline website, please.

*This special entails a brief exam of the pet by the veterinarian, if deemed healthy, then the vaccine is given, the pet is led back to the waiting room to their pet parent & you will receive a copy of the brief exam paperwork that will indicate any findings/recommendations, along with the rabies certificate.

*Full exam, one-on-one visit w/veterinarian & Rabies vaccination: $50 approx.

**Please mention you were referred by Spay Neuter Hotline


General Tips for Low-Cost Vaccination Locations:

All Vaccines:  Rabies vaccine, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella, Calici, etc…:

  •  Many of the following offer monthly “Vaccination Clinics”. Please call your local clinic/tore for dates & times.

o   Veterinary clinics (those offering spay/neuter specific services offer vaccinations at a low-cost)
o   Pet stores (PetSmart/Petco)  
o   Feed stores
o   Arizona Humane Society locations (every Fri) 

Many of these clinics do not offer a private, one-on-one vet/owner visit but they will provide a brief exam to ensure your pet is healthy enough to receive the vaccine(s) & administering of the vaccines w/proper “Proof of” paperwork.

  • Spay & neuter (specific) veterinary clinics tend to have the lowest vaccination prices on a daily basis. 

Rabies Vaccines (RV):  

In Maricopa County: 

  •  $5 RV @ North Central Animal Hospital (see above for info)
  •  MCACC (Maricopa County Animal Care & Control)- or (602) 506-7387 When funding is available, MCACC will provide Free or Low-Cost RV’s & $10 microchips.
    -ONLY on the special date/time noted!
    -Check their calendar or ours, for these special dates/locations & detailed info.


  • Vaccination Only Dates, are a great way to obtain the needed vaccines, to ensure your pets health, at a low fee.