Full Name: 
Janet McMillan


3336 N Saffron
Mesa 85215
Phone: 6025058310
I own a small home in Mesa, AZ and have been in the same location for almost ten years. I have one cat that is named Cooper, or Coopie for short. He's a really good boy -- I got him at PetSmart about three years ago. For some reason, I get many, many strays/feral cats at my house. They drift on down to my place and I feed them because I just can't sit and watch an animal starve to death. I've had about ten cats TNR'd in the past and have three more to take care of shortly. Even though I live in a residential area and not out in the country or the open desert, there are numerous coyotes that roam this area. One of them jumped my 6-foot wall a few years back and tried to haul away my former cat. My cat was too fat to pull over the wall so the coyote dumped him (with his ripped-open neck) and left posthaste. Those were the days I was dumb enough to think a small doggie door would work for my cat. The repair for that foolishness on my part was over $1,000. This really isn't a bio, but I hope it will suffice. Thanks!