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Help TWICE as Many Animals in Arizona!

Happy Holidays from ADLA!

On behalf of everyone at the Animal Defense League of Arizona we want to express our gratitude for all you do for animals and to help the Animal Defense League of Arizona accomplish its goals. We are on track to Trap Neuter and Return more than 15,000 cats. (read more)




ADLA Upcoming Events

Save the Date for These Upcoming Events

October is Outdoor Cat Month!

ADLA’s Spay Neuter Hotline has already sterilized over 11,000 cats this year Mac the October Catthrough Trap Neuter Return, but we are just warming-up! Check out all of this month's upcoming events here!

Speak Up for Lobos!

August 11, 2014 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Please join ADLA and other lobo supporters at the public hearing on August 11 in Pinetop.


Due to fluctuating rates and continuous specials, we, Spay Neuter Hotline, are unable to provide you with up-to-date prices, on all locations.   Please use these tips when searching for information on vaccinations for your dog & cats.

Ongoing Special!

$5 Rabies Vaccinations:

North Central Animal Hospital
20 W Dunlap Ave (NW Corner of Central & Dunlap)
Phoenix, AZ  85021
(602) 395-9773

Update: Stop Bills Aimed at Endangered Wolves!

The Arizona State Senate passed the three bills aimed at endangered Mexican gray wolves, and the House is expected to vote on them this week!
These bills are not only bad policy; they contradict peer-reviewed science on the benefit of wolves as an important part of healthy ecosystems.

Update on Animal Cruelty Bill

The Livestock Cruelty Bill HB 2587 passed out of the House committee, despite more than 100 people attending to oppose it! It is scheduled to be heard on the House floor tomorrow. In the meantime, a similar bill was introduced in the Senate and rushed through the committee process. SB 1267 is also headed for a vote by the full Senate. 

Help Stop Bills Targeting Wolves!

At last count, only 83 Mexican gray wolves persisted in the wild. The wild population is at tremendous risk due to its small size and genetics. But there are three bills in the Arizona Legislature that could push this tiny, critically endangered population of wolves even closer to extinction. Two of these measures will be voted on by the entire Senate on Monday. Read more

Urgent: Stop Arizona Ag-Gag Bill!

Arizona Legislators have just introduced a devastating 'ag-gag' bill that would criminalize whistleblowers who expose animal abuse on factory farms, auctions, or slaughter facilities. The bill also weakens cruelty laws for livestock, including Photo: Animal Welfare Institutehorses, and completely removes all protections from cruelty for poultry.

ADLA News Release: Spay Neuter Hotline Urges County Residents to Fix Cats Now!

Every spring thousands of homeless kittens come into animal shelters in Maricopa County.  Most do not get out alive.  Before temperatures rise and cats go into heat, the Spay Neuter Hotline is asking people to stop procrastinating.  Get pet cats fixed, and also take advantage of ADLA’s Trap Neuter Return program to sterilize outside cats. Some female cats are in heat this month, and the number will increase in February.