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About the Animal Defense League of Arizona

The Animal Defense League of Arizona is a statewide animal protection organization that has worked for two decades on behalf of companion animals, wildlife, animals in laboratories, animals in entertainment, and farm animals.

Happy New Year from ADLA!

Squeaky and Mac

Thanks to all of ADLA's staff, volunteers, and supporters for making 2013 such a successful year! Be sure to check out Squeaky's video on ADLA's YouTube Channel!


Squeaky the Door Opening Cat!

Check out Squeaky's video on the ADLA YouTube Channel!

Deadly Dust Storms and Factory Farms

We are grateful that Arizona State Senator Steve Farley is safe after his close call in an I-10 pile-up that killed 3 people and injured 12. This was the latest of numerous deadly chain collisions caused by dust storms in Pinal County.

Update: Wildlife Services Trapping Case Moved to Federal Court

A federal court hearing was held on Sept. 9th in response to a request by Russell Files that his case be removed from Maricopa County Superior Court to Arizona Federal District Court.  The Removal was granted, so the state felony charges will be tried in federal court.  Files’ trial was originally set to begin next week, but has been continued to Dec. 10th, in Arizona Federal District Court.

Wildlife Services Adopts "Band-aid" Policy Changes

The USDA’s Wildlife Services adopts “band-aid” policy changes, instead of addressing its systemic problems.

Latest Twist in Animal Cruelty Case Against Wildlife Services Employee

Federal Continued Hearing Latest Twist in Bizarre Animal Cruelty Case Pending Against USDA Wildlife Services Employee

Updated: September 6th 

Starlight Elementary School Teacher gets an A+ for helping Animals

Alicia Russell is a 3rd grade teacher at Starlight Elementary School.  Alicia (a Tucson Native) began working at the West Phoenix, Cartwright school district back in 2004.  She was moved by the number of animals that appeared to be suffering due to a lack of education and resources in the community.  She went home many days in tears wishing she could help these poor animals.  Alicia,  fellow teachers and students have been able to rescue some of the animals off the street and find them homes or get them to shelter, but she felt she had to do more.

US House Passes Farm Bill that Threatens Animal Protection Laws

On July 11th the US House of Representatives passed the Farm Bill following a re-vote.  The bill contains a dangerous amendment from Rep. Steve King (R-IA) that could overturn Arizona's ban on gestation and veal crates, as well as animal protection laws nationwide.
Prop 204 Pig
Thanks to everyone who contacted their US Representatives. Seven out of nine Arizona Congressional members opposed the bill.