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Wolf Advocates Speak Out at Hearing in Pinetop

On December 3rd, ADLA representatives traveled to Pinetop for the US Fish &Photo by Nate Renn Wildlife Service (USFWS) public hearing on its Mexican gray wolf proposals, along with many other wolf supporters. The meeting was held in the wolf recovery area, and it was expected that wolf opponents would pack the conference center. However, many wolf advocates turned out in large numbers, and held a strong presence throughout the hearing. 

Deadly Dust Storms and Factory Farms

We are grateful that Arizona State Senator Steve Farley is safe after his close call in an I-10 pile-up that killed 3 people and injured 12. This was the latest of numerous deadly chain collisions caused by dust storms in Pinal County.

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Pam's TNR Blog - September 2012

It's been a hot summer! Despite the heat, I managed to TNR 800 cats since May. The largest colony exceeded 50 cats and the smallest was just one cat. The coolers ran all summer in the garage often housing up to 30 or more cats overnight. The difficult part about summer as cats have to be housed somewhere cool after they are trapped.