Great Black Footed Ferret Story in Today's AZ Republic, Except...

The Arizona Game & Fish Commission and Department are not in a good place right now. The Commission is the worst that ADLA has seen in over twenty years of wildlife advocacy.  Both have reversed a number of incremental positive changes that they had made- such as mountain lion policies.

But there are a few bright spots. One is the black-footed ferret reintroduction program that is featured on the front page of today's Arizona Republic in a wonderful story by Brandon Loomis

ADLA takes issue with one comment in the story.  Loomis calls prairie dogs, the animals on which ferrets depend for food, destructive. We disagree. The five species of prairie dogs that live in North America- including two that are native to Arizona- are keystone species.  Their presence is critical for many other species to survive amd thrive in the ecosystems in which they all live.

Ironically, even some at AZ Game & Fish disagree with Loomis conclusion.  Another of its bright spots is the reintroduction of black tailed prairie dogs in southeastern Arizona.  That species was once completely extirpated from our state, but Game & Fish reintroduced them a few years ago.  ADLA hopes that project is Loomis next story!