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Helping Cat Colonies Facing Potential Crisis

 In recent months the Spay Neuter Hotline has been contacted regarding  cat colonies believed to be facing some type of crisis in the areas they  call home. When these instances arise there are things you can do to help.

·         Try to find a contact at the business or community that you can speak with to get the facts.

·         Remain calm and respectful when you reach out to the contact and try to find out the exact situation from the source.

Wolf Advocates Speak Out at Hearing in Pinetop

On December 3rd, ADLA representatives traveled to Pinetop for the US Fish &Photo by Nate Renn Wildlife Service (USFWS) public hearing on its Mexican gray wolf proposals, along with many other wolf supporters. The meeting was held in the wolf recovery area, and it was expected that wolf opponents would pack the conference center. However, many wolf advocates turned out in large numbers, and held a strong presence throughout the hearing. 

Deadly Dust Storms and Factory Farms

We are grateful that Arizona State Senator Steve Farley is safe after his close call in an I-10 pile-up that killed 3 people and injured 12. This was the latest of numerous deadly chain collisions caused by dust storms in Pinal County.

TNR 101 and Cat Colony Management

It's that time again to join Spay Neuter Hotline for our TNR 101 and Cat Colony Management meeting. The meeting will be held on September 28, 2013 at the Orangewood Presbyterian Church in Phoenix from 11:30a.m.-1:30 p.m.  It is open to everyone that would like to attend.

If you would like to attend to learn more about trap neuter return, how our program works and how to best manage a cat colony please join us.  You must RSVP to  You will receive the exact address and directions upon confirmation.  

Starlight Elementary School Teacher gets an A+ for helping Animals

Alicia Russell is a 3rd grade teacher at Starlight Elementary School.  Alicia (a Tucson Native) began working at the West Phoenix, Cartwright school district back in 2004.  She was moved by the number of animals that appeared to be suffering due to a lack of education and resources in the community.  She went home many days in tears wishing she could help these poor animals.  Alicia,  fellow teachers and students have been able to rescue some of the animals off the street and find them homes or get them to shelter, but she felt she had to do more.

Great Black Footed Ferret Story in Today's AZ Republic, Except...

The Arizona Game & Fish Commission and Department are not in a good place right now. The Commission is the worst that ADLA has seen in over twenty years of wildlife advocacy.  Both have reversed a number of incremental positive changes that they had made- such as mountain lion policies.

Spay Neuter Hotline: Making Every Dollar Count!


Ever wonder why Spay Neuter Hotline requests a $25/cat donation for Trap Neuter Return (TNR)?  Although the vets we work with offer us a generous discount, we still have to pay for every surgery performed.  When we have funding available from a 3rd party we can provide our services for free. However ordinarily we are charged for each surgery performed and quite often the $25 donation doesn't cover our expense.  

Let's Hear it for First Time Trappers!

The Spay Neuter Hotline's Sunday TNR clinic was amazing once again.  87 cats were brought to the clinic. So many people pitch in to get the cats there, it's hard to single out one group.  However, I was struck by the wonderful first time trappers. Four first time trappers brought 19 cats- including a mother and son, husband and wife, strong solo trapper and neighbors.  By the way the neighbors topped the success rate with nine cats.  Thanks to all!

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