April 2012

Damaging Dog Cruelty Bill Passed and Signed by Governor

Thanks to everyone for contacting legislators on HB 2780.  We wish we had better news to report.


A few weeks ago, a local caregiver trapped, neutered, Matthew's Colonyand returned (TNR) eighteen cats from a colony in his yard in just one day. He still has at least twelve to fix. “It started out as just one female cat in the yard, and then before I knew it, there were over thirty!” he said. Now he is working hard to make sure every cat in his colony is spayed/neutered so they don’t multiply again.

Ask AZ Legislators & Governor to Oppose Dog Cruelty Exemption Bill!

The biBeannie and Olive ll to exempt ranch dogs from cruelty laws passed the Arizona Senate by just one vote and was transfered to the House for final consideration.

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  • Last Chance to Dog Cruelty Exemption Bill in Legislature!

    Arizona Animal Advocates,


    This is likely our last chance to stop the ranch dog