March 2012

Call Today on Ranch Dog Cruelty Exemption Bill!

The bill that would exempt ranch dogs from animal cruelty laws is nearing a finPima County Animal Cruelty Caseal vote in the Arizona Legislature. Please contact your state senator today and ask him/her to oppose HB 2780!  For information click here.

Animal Protection Bill Signed by Gov. Brewer!

The animal protection bill has passed the Arizona Legislature and was signed by Governor Brewer.  Thanks to everyone for asking legislators to support HB 2462!

This measure allows law enforcement to seize an animal if there is probable cause to believe that the animal is suffering from cruelty or abandonment.  The bill also requires that those arrested for animal cruelty or fighting must post a bond to provide for the cost of caring for

Pam's TNR Blog - March 2012

In January and February 2012 I trapped 381 cats, It is now March 12th and since March 1st I've already trapped and fixed 50 more cats for a total of 431 cats. With all this trapping I've not been able to sit down and blog about all my adventures and challenges.

Help Stop Animal Cruelty Exemption Bill!

A bill to exempt ranch dogs from Arizona's animal cruelty law will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, March 12.  If your senator is on that committee please ask him/her to oppose HB 2780, animal cruelty, ranch dogs.  Click here for more information.