Update on Pilot Spay Neuter Project

Submitted by Karen Michael on 09/18/2012 - 1:07pm

The Spay Neuter Pilot Program has trapped, neutered, and returned 1000 cats since May 1st.   ADLA and Arizona Humane Society (AHS) are leading this grassroots, volunteer-driven initiative to reduce free-roaming cat population in target areas of the Valley.

ADLA's TNR Coordinator Karen Anderson and AHS Director Guy Collison discussed the program at the recent AHS Telethon. 


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Arizona Game & Fish Commissioner Cited for Poaching

Submitted by Karen Michael on 08/18/2012 - 1:57pm

Arizona Game and Fish Commissioner Jack Husted has been cited for killing a prairie dog out of season. He is charged under ARS 17-309.  You can read the citation and complaint here.

Click here for the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) Incident Report

It is early in the process as the case was just filed. ADLA will continue to follow the case, and we have requested case records.

News Media Reports

TV 3 News interviews Jack Husted and ADLA's Stephanie Nichols-Young

Game Commissioner Husted cited for killing prairie dog - White Mountain Independent

Arizona Game & Fish Commissioner pleads not guilty to poaching - Arizona Capitol Times

He should pay up and feel lucky - Arizona Republic editorial

Game commissioners, set example - Arizona Republic letter to editor

Ever hear of setting a good example? - Linda Valdez, Arizona Republic


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ADLA Partners with AZ Humane Society on New TNR Project

Submitted by Stephanie Nicho... on 07/30/2012 - 8:41am

The Animal Defense League of Arizona and its Spay Neuter Hotline are extremely grateful to Arizona Humane Society!  It is contributing funds for cat surgeries for caregivers conducting Trap Neuter Return in zip codes 85015, 85020, 85021, 85029, 85051 and 85302. 

It is also contributing resources for outreach to ensure that people living in these zip codes know about this exciting TNR Initiative. 

To learn more visit http://www.somanycats.org.

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Covance Closing Animal Testing Facility in Chandler

Submitted by Karen Michael on 05/10/2012 - 10:03am

Covance is shutting down its animal testing facility in Chandler, less than three years after building its lab.  This is good news for animals and Chandler residents Read more

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Damaging Dog Cruelty Bill Passed and Signed by Governor

Submitted by Karen Michael on 04/29/2012 - 9:31am

Thanks to everyone for contacting legislators on HB 2780.  We wish we had better news to report. The bill to exempt ranch dogs from cruelty laws passed the Arizona House and was signed into law by Governor Brewer.   Dogs abandoned in trailer


This overly broad, poorly written bill passed the legislature and was quickly signed by the governor despite significant opposition from animal protection groups, rural animal shelter directors, county officials, media, and a tremendous number of constituent calls from advocates like you.

Read more

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Submitted by Anonymous on 04/20/2012 - 12:17pm

A few weeks ago, a local caregiver trapped, neutered, Matthew's Colonyand returned (TNR) eighteen cats from a colony in his yard in just one day. He still has at least twelve to fix. “It started out as just one female cat in the yard, and then before I knew it, there were over thirty!” he said. Now he is working hard to make sure every cat in his colony is spayed/neutered so they don’t multiply again. “I had no idea this would happen,” he told us. At Animal Defense League of Arizona’s Spay Neuter Hotline, we hear stories like this all too often, especially this time of year.

Spring is the time of year when most cats are in heat or pregnant. The kittens in your yard may soon have kittens of their own. That mother and one litter will grow exponentially in a very short time.

Did you know that domestic cats are very fertile? If you remove a litter of kittens, but don’t fix the mother cat, she will go into heat faster than normal.

If you have found a stray mother cat and kittens in your yard, please act now! Have all the cats spayed or neutered. If the cats are tame, ADLA can refer you to a low cost spay neuter clinic. If they are feral, ADLA can help you with Trap Neuter Return. Call 602 265-7729 or email feralcats@adlaz.org. ADLA will lend you humane traps, schedule an appointment at a convenient time and location and coach you through the trapping process.

Animal shelters and rescue groups in Maricopa County cannot handle and find homes for all the cats living on the streets. The Animal Defense League of Arizona and many other animal protection groups believe that Trap Neuter Return is the most effective and humane solution to stabilize the number of homeless cats in our communities. Don’t let one cat turn into thirty.

If you care about animals, please share this information with your friends and family.


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Animal Protection Bill Signed by Gov. Brewer!

Submitted by Karen Michael on 03/25/2012 - 5:28pm

The animal protection bill has passed the Arizona Legislature and was signed by Governor Brewer.  Thanks to everyone for asking legislators to support HB 2462!

This measure allows law enforcement to seize an animal if there is probable cause to believe that the animal is suffering from cruelty or abandonment.  The bill also requires that those arrested for animal cruelty or fighting must post a bond to provide for the cost of caring for seized animals.

For more information on HB 2462, including sponsors, bill language, and vote detail, click here


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Help Stop Bills Aimed at Wildlife and Voting Rights!

Submitted by Karen Michael on 02/29/2012 - 7:32pm


Your help is needed to stop two bills in the Arizona Legislature that are bad for wildlife and voters' rights. Please contact your two House members today!


HB 2728 firearms; sound suppressors; hunting (Gowan, Harper, Kavanagh, et al.) specifies that the Arizona Game and Fish Commission cannot adopt or enforce any rules prohibiting the use of silencers on hunting weapons.  Allowing hunters to use silencers poses a risk to campers and hikers, including children and companion animals. Combined with other recently passed laws, hunters would be able to hunt near cities, at night, with silencers. For more information on this bill click here.


HCR 2005 initiatives; referendum measures; periodic reauthorization (Crandell, Barton, Fillmore, Ugenti) would seriously jeopardize citizens initiatives. This constitutional amendment would require all ballot measures that create a public fund for financing the measure or affect the general fund to be automatically referred to the ballot after five fiscal years. And because the bill is retroactive to 1998, it could require continual reauthorization of the hard-won laws that ban cockfighting and confinement of pregnant pigs and calves raised for veal.  For more information on this bill click here.


What You Can Do


Please contact your two House members as soon as possible.  Ask them to oppose HB 2728 (firearms; sound suppressors; hunting), and HCR 2005 (initiatives; referendum measures; periodic reauthorization). If you volunteered on Prop 204 or other grassroots ballot campaigns, please share your thoughts on the importance of Arizona's citizen initiative process and the fact that HCR 2005 would decimate voters' rights. 


Make sure to let your representatives know that you are a resident in their legislative district. 


To reach House members click here. If you're not sure who your representatives are, visit the Vote Smart website


Please share this alert with your contacts in Arizona. 


Thanks for your help!


Animal Defense League of Arizona



(Photo courtesy of Project Coyote)

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Why the Animal Defense League of Arizona is Urging You to Spay Neuter Today!

Submitted by Stephanie Nicho... on 02/28/2012 - 12:04pm


Please spay and neuter cats and dogs now!  For the past few weeks, the Spay Neuter Hotline has been focused on getting this message to Arizonans. We feel the urgency because we see what’s coming!  In a few weeks the shelters are going to fill-up with animals, especially cats, Chihuahuas and pit bulls. 

With the community’s help, we Trap Neuter Return over 10,000 cats each year in Maricopa County.  We see trends that are fairly consistent year in and year out.  We’d like to work with the community to do some things that will dramatically decrease the number of unwanted cats born on the streets and in neighborhoods all over the Valley of the Sun.  We hope to reach that goal, by taking targeted action and by better communicating what we do and see.

We work with more than ten veterinary clinics around the Valley, and are sterilizing cats almost every day of the week, all year long!   February is the month in which “we” see the number of cats in heat and pregnant start to climb, and one of the months when we trap more males than females.  My hypothesis is that the tom cats are roaming looking for females in heat. 

On Sunday (2/26/12), at least six caregivers lamented that they didn’t catch the cat(s) they were trying for. In most cases they caught a tom they had never seen before, instead of the female that they had targeted and suspected was in heat or pregnant.  On a happy note one of those caregivers trapped two pregnant females for the Sunday clinic, along with five males.  She kept trying Sunday night and trapped three more cats, including the two females she was trying for,and another wandering tom.

I wanted to share some statistics from Sunday’s clinic to give you a glimpse of what we see.  75 cats went into surgery.  Three were already fixed, but had no ear tips; the veterinarian had to anesthetize them to confirm they were sterilized and to give them an ear-tip.  One of the previous cats had a microchip. Unfortunately, the owner never registered his or her name with the manufacturer’s registry. 

43 were males (including two previously fixed); 30 were females, including the one previously fixed.  17 of the females were pregnant. 71 feti were terminated.

To Recap:  February 26, 2012 statistics

60% of cats were male

40% female

59% of females were pregnant.

Predictions and Call to Action: We will see a higher percentage of pregnant females in March.  Please fix your cat! Please fix the feral and free roaming cats in your community. Now is the time!

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